Recruitment Ambassador: 1,000-Recruiting Plan

I .What we offer
1. Certificate for Admissions Ambassador;
2. Sustaining and steady remunerations;
3. Activities provided by us with more opportunities of exchanges;
4. Annual appraisal conducted to offer outstanding ambassadors the opportunity of visiting China (valued as high as 10,000 RMB);
5. Exclusive partnership in a country to realize your dream of making your own boss;
6. Credit conversion activity (gifts or travels).

II .Your job
1. Brand promotion: to promote;
2. Student recommendation: to recommend potential self-financed students to
III. Qualifications
1. Identifying with our values;
2. High interpersonal skills;
3. Daring to challenge unknown difficulties.
IV. About us
1. Founded in 2004, we’re one of world’s largest platforms for recruiting students studying in China;
2. We have 100 sites and 20,000 courses to cover over 95% colleges and universities around China;
3. We offer one-stop free services for students to study in China.

Why still waiting?
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