I am interested in applying for MBBS(Septempber) as my first choice, and Bachelor of Computer Science as my second choice in China. I have graduated with a secondary high school certificate from Saudi Arabia. I graduated within the top of my class with excellent grades in all three years of high school, passing with the impressive grade of 99.27 %. About my background, I've been born and raised in Saudi Arabia all my life, my passport is an Afghani passport. I speak Arabic fluently and I passed the IELTS test with an overall of 7.0

If possible i would like to apply for this coming September.
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My name is Michael, your preview message is clearly and I can help to get you in one of your 2 choice majors.

But you will need to send me some files like : a scan of your passport, a scan of your high school diploma and transcripts ,plus a picture of you to my email address:

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